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Book Review: Lie With Me

Lie With Me by Philippe Besson (Translated by Molly Ringwald)

Page length: 151 pages

Genre: Contemporary Fiction

Publication Date: 5 September 2019

Publisher: Penguin

Source: ARC via NetGalley

Stars:  5 out of 5


Just outside a hotel in Bordeaux, Philippe, a famous writer, chances upon a young man who bears a striking resemblance to his first love. What follows is a look back to Philippe's teenage years, to a winter morning in 1984, a small French high school, and a carefully timed encounter between two seventeen-year-olds. It's the start of a secret, intensely passionate, world-altering love affair between Philippe and his classmate, Thomas.

Dazzlingly rendered by Molly Ringwald, the acclaimed actor and writer, in her first-ever translation, Besson's exquisitely moving coming-of-age story captures the tenderness of first love - and the heart-breaking passage of time.

My Review:

A beautiful coming of age story about two gay seventeen-year-olds in France during the 1980s. The story is told from Philippe's recollection as an older man reminiscing. It was a raw reminder of how painful teenage love can be. The damning realization love has on the heart and soul, not to mention rational thought.

Thomas, it seems, knew the affair would be short-lived "You will go, and we will stay." He knew Philippe was meant for bigger things.

The story is rich and vibrant. And the end was all the more poignant for the journey the author had took the reader on. An excellent read.


Thank you so much the publisher and NetGalley for providing me with a complimentary electronic copy in

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